You are the Main Character

Pivotal. Versatile. Tenacious. We are the most critical variable of the equation to influencing a brighter future for the youth. “Millennial” use to have a bad connotation, it use to represent laziness, entitlement, and vulnerability. The dealer dealt us quite the hand. To begin, we are; adapting to the normality of AI being our mentor and enemy, being exposed to the fear and greed marketing used to push agendas for profit in the 20th Century at the cost of society’s longevity, living in a time where nukes & drones are at a click of a button, and yet we trust the system because after all, it got us here. We live, we care, we unconditionally love and understand we have it good, but becoming complacent with the current situation is the last thing webouttodo. The only way to live with a smile is through faith that things will never hit home and in due time we fix the future by focusing on our present moment. We are the indigo children. Something seems to be brewing. We are here to rise to the occasion and save this beautiful organic rock flying through space.

Manifesting the Podcast

“It’s as easy as recording and posting”…. NOT. I see now why people generally have teams when they start a new podcast. Editor, web developer, camera man, graphics designer, even a writer! I would like to, it just doesn’t seem to be on my radar of options. I have a vision of how I would like this all the play out, but judging based on what I’ve read, it might go somewhere completely different. Am I ready for that? Probably not. Do I welcome it? Hell yeah. Lets get it. I feel so inspired by people like Joe Rogan & Ben Greenfield- each two very different platforms just trying to better the world, and man, do they have fun while doing it. It’s easy to get discouraged, just like anything in life we always want to compare ourselves with others- we nitpick at things we need to get better on but appreciate other peoples work- the flaws and all. If only I could always step outside my box and appreciate myself from afar, my vision, my intentions, the whole 9. If I can hold on to that as hard as possible I shouldn’t hesitate too much. When your intentions are good and you work hard, all things fall into place. No rear view mirrors, gas peddle floored, tunnel vision. We are all our own main character in this life, every single object is a prop in your movie that you can choose to acknowledge. I don’t want to wake up at 65, thinking in my bed, “shoot….. I wonder what would have happened if I started that podcast trying to better the world.” Where would I be. Nope- done with all this looking back shit creating these regrets, it’s go time. Cheers.